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"I’d seen counsellors before and very good ones for different reasons but when I came to see Sarah I was as lost, confused and upset as I'd ever been. As a successful 50 something divorcee who thought he'd met the lady he was going to marry I was devastated when it didn't work out. On top of which a number of other issues family work etc were compounding my depression. In fact I came to realise I was already depressed. I really didn't want to resort to happy pills and wanted someone to help me through the shadows. Sarah worked through so much with me, endured my continual tears and I guess some less than endearing stories of my life and helped me to see things more clearly. Sarah helped me see there's no magic answer in life, it’s a matter of being helped to see what's within us, facing our frailties and faults but not being too harsh on oneself for them. Sarah helped me understand what was depressing me, listened carefully, guided skilfully and knowledgeably and helped me find a contentment within myself about who I am but also helped me deal with issues I knew I had but hadn't been able to manage. For anyone considering counselling being brave enough to embrace this and to deal with the darkness is probably the biggest bravest step. Sarah helped me gain respect for myself for doing this and for not running away from it or masking the problem. I don't know what life's next installment brings but I feel better equipped to deal with it."

Mr W, 53

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