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"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." - Carl Jung

Do you need help to deal with difficulties in your relationship?

Have other forms of couples therapy not worked for you and your partner?


My Transpersonal approach to working with couples can offer powerful methods which QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY access the core reasons for the problems you may be experiencing.


You will learn TOOLS to use on a daily basis to improve and sustain a healthy relationship. This is not simply a 'quick fix'.

Couples come to therapy for lots of different reasons. You may want to learn how to:​

  • communicate more effectively

  • develop a more empathic relationship

  • argue and manage conflict effectively

  • create a more loving, intimate relationship

  • raise children effectively together

  • manage when a partner has been unfaithful

  • deal with the pain and sadness of infertility

  • navigate the influence of other family members

  • understand how bereavement and loss impact a relationship

  • understand the strain of work or financial difficulties

  • manage the conflict that cultural differences can bring

  • deal with health issues and their impact on your relationship

  • manage when a partner is suffering from anxiety, stress or depression 

So many couples are finding this approach hugely beneficial. Whatever the reason your relationship is struggling, please get in touch to discuss what might be possible.


And remember, even if you can't persuade your partner to attend, we may still be able to work effectively together.


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