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Creative Arts Therapy

“Art heals by transforming isolation and connecting us to others, to places and to ourselves in life-affirming ways”. Shaun McNiff

Are you suffering with anxiety or depression? Do you feel stuck or lost in your life at present? Are there things in your past that you feel have not been dealt with?

Working creatively can help with:

  • a busy/ overactive mind

  • a negative mind

  • an over-analytical mind

  • a worrying/ catastrophising mind

It can help restore balance to:

  • a calmer mind

  • a more flexible mindset

  • increased positivity

  • greater self-compassion

  • improvement of inner judgement

We all have the capacity to be creative. Some people may be more connected to their creativty, but we all have the potential - it is an innate quality of human beings. Of course, we may have been told we are no good at art (usually at school, by parents or peers) and this is what we believe about ourselves. But, Creative Arts Therapy is not about how good you are at drawing or creating works of art. It is form of expression; for whatever needs to be expressed. It helps us learn to let go.


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