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“The part that knows does not speak and the part that speaks does not know”. Lao Tzu

I started writing poetry about eight years ago, having never done it before. Words began bubbling up from my subconscious and forming themselves into poems. A word comes first which becomes the title and, from that, the poem really writes itself. It's quite magical in a way, but then I believe this is often how creativity works, whatever the medium. Whether it's a song lyric or piece of music; a literary piece, a sculpture, a dance, artwork.....


For me, it has become a form of expression for my inner-world of thoughts and feelings. My poems externalise my inner experience and this enables acknowledgement. Crucial for developing self-awareness and personal growth. 


I have come to see them as my soul speaking and I have learned to listen to their wisdom. Sometimes, they tell my own personal story; sometimes they come in response to someone I am working with; sometimes they are responding to an event or experience in the 'outer world'. But, always, they allow me to express my experience, moment by moment.


Through them, I have found a way to provide acknowledgement for myself and, by sharing them, my hope is that my words will resonate and facilitate expression for others, where words may not come easily. Perhaps they will enable you to name your feelings or experience.

I have published two poetry books Mending the Soul. A Journey beyond Abuse (2017) and Finding Your Voice (2018) , both of which can be found on Amazon. I am currently working on my third book Journey Towards the Authentic Self

I regularly post poems here too.

All poetry copyright © 2023 Sarah Freed.

 All rights reserved.

No poetry on this page may be used or reproduced in any form or by any means whatsoever, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author.

Being Me

When I am accepted

For just being me


When what I have to say

Is valued

And acknowledged


When I am brave enough

To share my true self

Without judgement or criticism 


I can breathe in life

Embrace my authenticity 

And be truly seen

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