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“the gradual elimination of habits and activities that are harmful and of no use, or of less importance, (helps) create a space for us to devote our time to things of greater importance.” Roberto Assagioli


Self-esteem is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as a:

"good opinion of oneself"


So when you feel bad about yourself for whatever reason, your opinion of yourself is negatively effected. Guilt and shame are often at the root of low self-esteem but also, negative messages you receive from others - parents, partners, peers, society in general - can be detrimental to how you view yourself.

  • Do you feel your lack of confidence holds you back?

  • Would you describe yourself in a positive way?

  • Do you judge yourself harshly?

  • Are your expectations of yourself too high or unrealistic, so that you always feel you are failing?

  • Are you relationships effected by your low self-esteem?

  • Do you honour your feelings or criticise them?

  • Are you compassionate with yourself?

  • Do you take care of yourself well?

  • Are you able to regulate and manage your feelings and behaviours?

  • Do you give permission to treat yourself?

  • Do you let others treat you unkindly?

By focusing on your own needs more whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, it's possible to take control of your own well-being and nurture yourself.

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