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"During the most challenging time in my personal life, I ended up becoming incredibly self critical 24/7 and pushing myself harder and harder at work, until I reached absolute burn out (emotionally and physically). Sarah helped me to learn how to break the vicious cycle of setting myself impossible goals - especially when things were difficult between my husband and I - and when work was relentlessly stressful. Thanks to Sarah's patience, support and insight; I finally learnt how to address the knock-on effect of my passive aggressive marriage. I also became much more aware of the warning signs of fatigue and, as odd as it may sound, I learnt how to like myself....maybe for the first time ever. Sarah is very honest and fair in her approach, but she is also hugely empathetic. She has encouraged me to be my own friend and to understand how important it is to look after myself, in order to better support those around me. The sessions I had with Sarah taught me life long skills. In fact, thanks to her advice, I now have the confidence to keep on developing how best to deal with life's ups and downs...whatever they may be".

Ms G, 41

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