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“With sustained effort and sincerity, discipline and self control, the wise become like islands which no flood can overwhelm" Sayings of the Buddha


  • Are you feeling tense or wound up a lot of the time?

  • Are you constantly worrying that something awful is about to happen?

  • Do you regularly experience physical symptoms such as stomach problems, racing heart or palpitations, muscle tension?

  • Do you find it hard to concentrate or feel motivated?

  • Are you lacking in energy or enthusiasm?

  • Are you taking a lot of time off work?

  • Do you over-work yourself?

  • Are you able to sit at ease and relax?

  • Do you get sudden feelings of panic?

  • Are you constantly busy? What are you avoiding?

  • Is your relationship suffering because of how you are feeling?

  • Do you snap at the children/ your partner/ your work colleagues?

If you are worried you may be suffering from anxiety, take a look at the NHS pages on anxiety which offer advice:

Therapy can help you to develop coping strategies to manage your anxiety, as well as understanding what is causing it in the first place. Don't restrict your life. Live it to the full.

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