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“I was referred to Sarah by my GP after having some mental health problems. At first I was unsure of how counselling could help me but soon realised how invaluable it was in helping me realise that it is possible to change the way you have been thinking all your life by understanding why you think as you do, And finding that you can change your mindset which in turn opens new doors in your life.  Sarah helped me to realise that striving for perfection invariably leads to failure and can lead to disappointment at not achieving the goal you set yourself instead of being happy with trying and with whatever you achieve anyway. Sarah taught me to see the grey in life rather than only seeing things in black and white. Looking at things this way allows you to see that things are not always clear cut and enables you to accept something somewhere in the middle, compromise is key. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah. She has helped me to change my life and I am very grateful. “

Mrs S, 49

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